Safety & Security

Safety & Security:

Guru Hundal is a leading logistics company in Australia that is keen on ensuring the safe transportation of our clients’ goods. From picking up and loading your goods through to transportation and unloading, we have adopted a streamlined process to minimise the risk at all stages. Whether you want us to deliver your valuables across the town or country, we comply with the statutory provisions to ensure sustainability in transportation and logistics.

Safety Of Our Vehicles and Drivers :

  • Our fleet is comprised of late model vehicles from world’s leading manufacturers.
  • All of our vehicles are equipped with road-friendly, air bag suspension and several safety features.
  • Our vehicles are regularly inspected and serviced as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. All monitored by the system called Gearbox which also keeps records of every service and repairs.
  • Each vehicle in our fleet is fully insured, registered and NHVAS accredited
  • We have equipped our vehicles with satellite tracking system Teletrac Navman for load security.
  • All prime movers are fitted cameras on both sides, inside and outside the cabin for every ones safety.
  • Our vehicle is driven by a completely-vetted drivers.
  • Teletrac Navman also has got a screen fitted inside the cabin where driver must tick all boxes in driver pre declaration column and also check all safety checks for truck and trailers before starting his journey.
  • All safe journey plans, mass information, vehicles safety checks and toolbox meeting messages are done inside the cab via Teletrac Navman.
  • Our depots are fortified with high fences, advanced alarm systems, and surveillance cameras to ensure the utmost security for loaded trailers.
  • We employ stringent security measures, including loaded trailer seals and robust security policies, guaranteeing the safety of every consignment.

Security of Your Goods:

  • We adopt a clear and defined process to ensure the security of our assets and that of our customers.
  • We subject all of our employees to regular training to master their skills at work, so they can manage the logistics properly.
  • Our well-structured courses help our employees understand the logistics issue better and enable them make managerial decision
  • We implement National Police Checks during employment and then bi-annually.
  • We will also conduct license checks of our drivers during employment to ensure secure transportation of our clients’ goods.
  • Random Drug and Alcohol tests are done before departures and sometimes when drivers arrive back to depot.

With heavy goods being moved around and loaded onto our vehicles either manually or using giant machines, accidents are very common. However, through worker education and significant improvements in our operational process, we keep safety of our employees and our clients’ goods in place. To know more about our safety and security measures, call (03) 9088 1782 and talk to us today.