Partner with Guru Hundal and get your goods transported quickly and cost-effectively to anywhere in Australia.  As a leading logistics company, we offer a broader range of vehicles to serve businesses of every industry, including engineering, entertainment, electronics, medicine, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and many more. Our fleet is comprised of a large variety of truck models and vans that enable us to deliver your goods promptly and safely.

Our fleet is regularly maintained and serviced, with a dedicated gearbox facility for repairs, maintenance, and handling of any defects via a comprehensive NCR (Non-Conformance Report) system.

Well-Maintained Vehicles:

At Guru Hundal, we understand that your consignment not only holds a significant monetary value, but also reflects on your business as a whole. That’s why we are always keen on maintaining our fleets to the highest standards in terms of safety and performance. Each vehicle in our fleet is fully insured, registered and subjected to scheduled preventive maintenance, routine inspection and timely repairs that help us to upkeep a robust fleet while ensuring compliance, efficiency and affordability.

Well-Equipped Vehicles:

Guru Hundal has one of the largest fleets in the industry, comprising of well equipped vehicles. All vehicles are serviced and maintained by Gearbox. We have Teletrac Navman fitted in every single truck which includes cameras on both sides and inside/outside the cab. This devices monitors drivers dangerous behavior including fatigue and any type of harsh driving. Each of our vehicles comes with an efficient tracking system that enables you to monitor where your goods are in real time. All vehicles are Mass Accredited and internal audits are performed on regular basis.

Our fleet of vehicles is designed as per standard shipping rules with custom-built bodies, ABS brakes, electronically controlled engines, GPS tracking system and everything needed to get your products delivered across Australia without hampering their quality.

Professional Drivers:

Our vehicles  are driven by experienced drivers who have a passion for safety, punctuality and maintaining an exceptional level of professionalism. Our drivers are aware of the Australian traffic rules, safety regulations, and road standards, and apply the most stringent and best practices in transportation, so you can rest assured that your products reach the destination safely. All drivers are BFM certified and trained under NHVR policies.

Not sure which vehicle best suits your logistic needs? Call (03) 9088 1782 and discuss with one of our staff members today. Let’s evaluate your transportation need and recommend the best vehicle for you.